Corporate Health

Professional corporate health specialists in Townsville

A healthy workforce is a productive workforce, and more and more companies are embracing corporate health programs for their employees. Here at Alpha Omega health, we provide a holistic approach to assessing the health of your staff to ensure evidenced-based health interventions are prescribed for maximum ROI.

Corporate Health Programs

Alpha Omega Health is a recognised service partner of national corporate health company, Ford Health, providing evidenced-based health intervention programs for clients on a national basis.

Ford Health is considered the leading provider of Executive Health Management for companies across Australia with medical clinics in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, along with regional locations including Townsville (Alpha Omega Health).

Corporate health programs include:

  • Executive health assessments (2.5hrs in medical clinic)
  • Managers health assessments (1hr in medical clinic or on-site)
  • Teams health assessment (30min on-site)
  • Basic health assessment (20/15min on-site)
  • Skin cancer screening
  • Flu vaccinations
  • Exercise challenges
  • Health presentations
  • Health promotion 

Executive health

We focus on the individual to help employers achieve results. Offering personalised, medically-based health programs and ongoing one-on-one support services to thousands of employees across cities and countries, allows us to make a difference to our clients’ lives.

Performance and capacity building

Leaders and their direct team need to make consistently good decisions under pressure. Pressure can be stressful, and maintaining your health is essential to keep making those all-important decisions.


Resilience is the ability to not only 'bounce back' from adversity but also to move forward positively - not just surviving but thriving. This is relevant not only in times of crisis, but is also valuable for dealing with the day-to-day challenges of life and adapting to change.

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Executive healthy change

This unique psychologically-developed change program is designed to help individuals make the necessary behavioural changes to improve their health risks.

Workplace health and wellbeing

Alpha Omega Health is an innovative health, wellbeing and fitness facility servicing Townsville and surrounding communities.

We provide evidenced-based health programs proven to improve both short and long-term health outcomes.

The following outlines the range of services we can provide for your employees: 

  • Group Exercise Classes – designated group classes for your workforce, delivered either on-site or within our functional training facility
  • 12-Week Corporate Challenge – including pre and post challenge assessment, 3 x weekly group exercise classes, weekly nutrition workshop, ongoing support for all participants of the challenge
  • Exercise Physiologist Consultations – book in to see one of our health assessors for a one-on-one consultation either within your workplace or within our facility
  • Corporate gym memberships – corporate discounts off all programs and memberships offered by AOH 
  • Customised Programs – let us design a program for your company

Call us today on 07 4724 4550 to start your employees on the road to great health.

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