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Alpha Omega Health is a multidisciplinary Health, Wellbeing, and Fitness Centre.  Our team of experienced Accredited Exercise Physiologists and Sport and Exercise Scientists design, prescribe, and monitor all programs within the facility to ensure you are exercising in a safe environment.
Our point of difference is our professional team supervising your progression. We want to be known as the place where members can improve their health, wellbeing, and fitness through an evidenced based approach to exercise and lifestyle prescription.We cater to all demographics young/old, healthy/unhealthy, experienced/inexperienced and everything in between. Memberships range from very basic admission through to comprehensive Omega level.
We very much look forward to working with you to see you achieve your goals and sustained, long term health outcomes.
Members with private health insurance may be able to claim rebates for services provided through their health fund (please check with your insurer for Exercise Physiology services).  
AOH can also provide programs with no out of pocket expense under Medicare, Workcover and Department of Veteran’s Affairs (please speak to your Doctor to see if you are eligible).

Group classes offered

Met Rx (Cardio)

Think of this session as our “Cardio Strength” class.  This session will combine the use of :
  • Treadmills,
  • Rowers,
  • Stationary bikes,
  • Arm ergometers,
  • Body weight functional movement
  • Box jumps/step ups, medicine balls, dumbbells, skipping ropes, battle ropes, dead balls etc

Participants of these sessions can expect to see improvements in Vo2Max, aerobic capacity and functional strength.Sessions are designed for all levels of fitness as individuals will set their own pace’


Tabata sets are renown for being very high intensity based sessions with participants asked to work at their maximal capability for short durations of 20sec with a 10sec rest interval repeated x 8 rounds (4min block) with a 1 x min rest. The types of exercises included in a Tabata set include:

  • Treadmill, rower, bike, arm crank
  • Box jumps/step ups
  • Skipping
  • Boxing
  • Medicine ball smashes/throws
  • Jump squats, lunges
  • Battle ropes
  • Sled tows/pushes
  • Agility ladders, hurdles
  • Body weight functional strength patterns

These sessions are our most popular with existing members as they are challenging and guaranteed to test your physical capacity!

Super Session(High Intensity)

These sessions will be short, sharp and high in intensity with sessions lasting no longer than 30mins.Ideal for the individual on the run with limited opportunity to exercise or looking at fast tracking their fitness goals.Sessions will primarily include the following modalities:

  • Treadmill
  • Rower
  • Stationary bike
  • Skipping
  • Body weight exercises
  • Core strengthening
  • Battle ropes
  • Medicine balls, ladder drills, hurdle drills, box jumps, boxing

Participants of this program can expect to be completed within 30mins so they can get back to their busy schedules.Catering to all levels of fitness from beginner to advanced

HIIT Sessions (High Intensity)

Research has shown HIIT sessions to increase lean muscle mass, increase free fatty acid metabolism, improve blood glycogen regulation, improve musculoskeletal function and increase both anaerobic and aerobic capacity.

Sessions will include:

  • short sharp maximal capacity efforts
  • short recovery intervals
  • a range of modes including stationary bike, rower, treadmill, own body weight, boxing, skipping, box jumps, medicine ball throws, burpees

These sessions should be completed by individuals that ideally have a base level of fitness and no underlying medical conditions such as high blood pressure.  

Stretch and Release

This session focusses on improving the range of movement around a joint and increasing the length of the muscle to support better range through static stretch protocols. 

Participants will spend the 45mins stretching, releasing, rolling with foam rollers, all muscles and joints of the body to improve range deficiencies.

This is a great session for those people wanting to improve range around their joints such as hips and knees and/or athletes who train daily and looking to add a recovery session to their existing schedules.

Strike Fit

Is our cardio boxing class that incorporates partner boxing into a strength based circuit.  These session is designed to get your heart rate pumping for the full 45min session and will test your endurance, strength, agility, coordination and speed.

The exercises prescribed within these sessions include:

  • Boxing/kickboxing
  • Skipping
  • Sled pulls/tows
  • Box jumps, step ups
  • Treadmill, rower, bike, arm crank
  • Functional strength patterns

Low Impact

Designed for the beginner participant or older demographic looking to either start a new exercise schedule or has some musculoskeletal issues that would need to be considered by the health professional when designing the class.  Participants of this class will have the opportunity to develop a base level of strength and fitness under close supervision of the health professional. Participants are asked to work at a level of intensity they are comfortable with while completing a series of exercises such as:

  • Treadmill, bike, rower, arm crank
  • Step ups
  • Medicine ball exercises
  • Battle ropes
  • Light dumbbells
  • Body weight such as push ups, inverted rows, lunges

Exercise Physiologists will monitor all programs prescribed to ensure participants are exercising in a safe environment and within their physical capacity.

Core Strength

As the name suggests, this session focuses specifically on improving the core strength of the participant through completion of a number of exercises designed to target this area.  This session is great for people wanting to add some specific core strengthening to their existing weekly sessions or if you have some deficiencies in this area that maybe causing other issues such as lower back pain, sciatic pain or instability.

The types of exercises completed within this session include:

  • Static wall squats
  • Handstand holds
  • Chin up holds
  • Farmers walk
  • Plank/bridge
  • Swiss ball exercises
  • Posterior pelvic tilt hold
  • Bodily awareness of “engaged core”
  • Supermans, opposite arm/leg extensions
  • Band exercises

All our team are dedicated to helping you achieve what you want from your gym – call us today on 07 4724 4550 for more information.

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